Springy and lofty with a substantial hand, Stone Wool Cormo offers crisp stitch definition, great for accessories and garments. 

We partnered with Mountain Meadow Wool in Buffalo, Wyoming to create a blend of woolen and worsted fiber preparation, which truly makes this wool sing. Blending two fiber preparations creates a unique yarn, a marriage between woolen's loft and worsted's strength. Each skein feels plump and soft, but maintains a fantastic texture.

This yarn blooms in the soak, and can be knit in a wide range of gauges for a completely different fabric. We recommend US 6 - US 7 for hard wearing knits, which will hold up to regular abrasion, up to US 9 - 10 for knits with drape. 

Gauge: 5 st. / inch on US 6 s ; 4.25 st. / inch on US 8 s