Stone Wool was started from a foundation of handspun yarn. Our bread and butter was 2-ply worsted weight yarn, spun in an apartment studio in Portland, Maine. Handspinning offered the perfect platform for exploring the fantastic world of wool, and all of the individual qualities which come with the swath of sheep breed diversity in the United States. Romney wool was deliciously simple to spin, and made a hearty warm yarn; Merino demanded a careful short draw, but the reward was a pillowy soft yarn. As we continued to explore, we found Soft or hard wearing, pick one, but you can't have the other. Then, we found Cormo. 

Cormo wool seemed a bridge between hearty and soft wool. A long staple length made it a joy to spin, and it possessed unique boing and spring which we'd never encountered in any other fiber. The finished yarn was surprisingly durable for such a soft wool.

When we started to think about a millspun Cormo yarn, we had two simple goals: make a good yarn, and support American agriculture. We came up with Stone Wool Cormo, a springy 2-ply worsted weight yarn. Our Cormo fiber comes directly from 2 individual ranches in Wyoming and Montana. Once the animals have been sheared, the wool is combed and carded by Mountain Meadow Wyoming, striking a unique balance of substantial and lofty. It's soft, and it's hearty. 

We hope you fall in love.